We started in 1981 in a small garage.

Step by step, we became a leader in wholesaling of fashion accessories (pasminas, scarves, foulards, bags), clothes and shoes in our market.

We developed a whole organisation of selection, production and marketing of our products. The state of art production units around the world, create our products in the most efficient way and environmental standards at the best prices.

Our creative team designs unique products of unbeatable fashion elegance. We select professional retail customers who are driven by their passion in the fashion industry and commitment for continuous improvement.

On our site you can find a small part of our collection, for all of you that can not visit any of our customer’s shops.

Our wholesales customers can order online our running collection after logging in.

Regarding our service, please try us and we will not disappoint you!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Thank you!