1. Introduction

The website and online shop www.barelos.gr has been created by the company Barelos Accessories and provides and sells its products or services subject to the conditions set out on this page. This electronic shop of products and services through internet from now on for the purpose of this document will be hereafter named www.barelos.gr with its base in Alimos, 48 Kanari street and with customer care service line (+30)2109829090. This website has been created by the above mentioned company in order to provide customers and commercial companions information for produced products, giving them the possibility of online remote ordering and purchasing as well as interactive communication of visitors, customers, users, commercial companions (in general user/customers) with barelos.gr, through annotation and expression of their preference for specific products, with the utilization for social media applications. In addition, barelos.gr keeps the possibility of organizing online contests for all users/customers, for which the terms and conditions of participation will be announced on its website separately each time. Specifically, with these terms and conditions the Company’s ambition is to formulate, clearly, distinctly and coherently, abided by the principles of trust and the clauses preventing the validity of legal acts, the terms and conditions dealt with, according to the Greek Law under the number 2251/1994 on “Consumers Protection” and specifically the laws referring to trade diversion.

2. Acceptance of the usage Terms and conditions

Each user/customer visiting and using this online shop is considered to unconditionally accede and accept the terms and conditions, as mentioned here below, which are absolutely compatible with the European and Greek Laws. Incompliance of these terms by the user/customer or visitor entails the withdrawal of any responsibility of barelos.gr in relation with possible offend of any person or legal entities, provided that the user/customer recognizes the right of barelos.gr to change these terms, in the standards not related to its legal obligations and without any effect in the accomplished facts.

Users/customers visiting barelos.gr acknowledge that he/she has read these terms, agrees on them and accepts the commitment of observance, in the context of the contract established with this acceptance, as well as in the context of the general commitment of observance of the legislation. In the case of inconsonance to these terms, then he/she ought to desist from the use of barelos.gr and from any dealing with it.

3. Information and Products Provisioning

“BARELOS ACCESSORIES”, is committed to the quality, the entirety and the validity of the information given through www.barelos.gr related to the accuracy of information and provided services. The Company, in the context of trust, is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information given, as a result of and of slips happened during the uploading of information to the website.

4. Limitations on Responsibility

Barelos.gr is not responsible for possible indirect losses, as a result of order dispatching or not (with the exception of situations of backing out, product returns, replacing).

Barelos.gr provides the content (i.e information, names, images, photos etc.), the products and the services offered through this website “as they exist in reality”.

Barelos.gr is not responsible for any legal, civil and/or criminal claim, neither for possible damage (direct, specific or consequential, suggestive and not restrictive, disjunctive and/ or accumulative consist in loss of income or revenue, data, business, profits or contracts, anticipating savings etc.) created by visitors/users/customers of this website or others with a cause related to the function, malfunction or non-function, the use of this website, the inability of services and information provisioning and not allowed interferences in products and information available through it.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The website barelos.gr and all of its content, including commercial titles, trademarks, logos, images, creative’s, photographs, all text, written materials, etc. is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights by the Greek and the European Law. The use, copy, transfer or creation of produced work based on the content of the Website or deception of the public in relation to the real provider of the content of the Website, reproduction, republication, load, announcement, spread or transmission or any other use of the content by any mean for commercial or other reasons is allowed only after written approval of the Company “BARELOS FASHION ACCESSORIES”, or any other beneficiary person of property rights. The names, images, logos and trademarks representing barelos.gr or third party, as well as the products and the services, are exclusive trademarks of “BARELOS FASHION ACCESSORIES”, or third party and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. Their appearance in barelos.gr is not to be taken for any right of transmission or transferred permission or given usage right.

6. Personal Data-Electronics Transaction Security

We would like to inform you that acknowledgment of some of your personal information to us is essential in order to start our cooperation and make transactions. With absolute respect on your personal data, we require only the personal information related and fulfilling the needs and purposes of the transactions made through our e-shop. This website it is consistent with the terms of the Greek law under number 2472/1997 on “Protection of personal data and personal life in electronic communications”.

The information you provide on this website will be held by barelos.gr and not by any third party. This information may be used by us for any of the following purposes: order processing, administration of customers’ orders and/or accounts, dealing with enquiries or complaints, crime and fraud prevention, marketing our products and services generally or (subject to any objection or preference you may indicate when submitting your personal details to us via this Website) for sending information to you about our products from time to time. This information is necessary to be given to us only for the purpose of products purchasing, registration to our newsletter or when communicating with us. In all other cases visitors can keep their identity secret.

Information to be requested is: full name, address, city, post code, country, telephone number, e-mail address as well as your credit card number (in case you make transactions using your credit card). All above mentioned information is required in order to issue the relevant documents (Delivery Note, Invoice, etc.) kept by our Accounting Department according to the Greek Tax Law.

Security of electronic transactions of barelos.gr with users/customers is achieved by the following methods:

7. Identification codes of the user/customer

There are two (2) codes used to identify the user/customer: Access Code (Username) and Personal Secret Security Code (Password), which each time they are entered in the website of barelos.gr provides user/customer access and navigation in an absolute secure environment. Password can be changed by the user/customer any time and as many times as he/she wants. The user/customer is the only person having access to these codes and being responsible to keep those in secret. In case of loss or leakage of above mentioned codes the user/customer has to immediately inform barelos.gr, otherwise barelos.gr is not responsible for the usage of these codes by any non-accredited person. Barelos.gr will never reveal or publish personal information given in the process of membership registration of a user/customer. Barelos.gr will only use this information in order to fulfill transaction needs. All transactional information are encrypted and stored in an absolutely secure way.

8. Controlled Access (firewall)

Access to the electronic systems of barelos.gr is controlled by firewall (controlled access application), which allows users/customers the use of specific services, restricting, at the same time, the access in systems and databases containing confidential data information of barelos.gr.

9. Security

All the electronic transactions operate with security and specifically transactions carrying sensitive personal information (credit card numbers, user information, etc.) are transmitted and handled securely in an encrypted form.

10. Linking

Barelos.gr website may link to other websites which are not controlled by its administrator but by third parties. In any case the administrator of barelos.gr is not responsible for the terms of personal data protection other websites are following.

11. Ordering through e-commerce sites

The user/customer of barelos.gr website is able to legally proceed, according to the Greek Civil Code, in ordering of offered products to be purchased remotely, according to the ordering process of this agreement.

In the process of barelos.gr services usage, following information will be requested in order to issue a Sales Invoice:

Full name/Company Name

Postal Address/City/City of registration for companies/Postal Code

Phone Number – E-mail address

VAT number – Tax Office – Country

12. Ordering Procedure

During the procedure of ordering and final purchasing, the user/customer is guided step by step by the automated suggestions of the system. The order will be archived.
As soon as the order is completed a mail message will be sent to the user/customer confirming order receipt. In addition, barelos.gr has the right to call the user/customer so as to confirm order details.

13. Product Pricing

The price mentioned next to each product does not include VAT. Barelos.gr has the right to change prices. Prices mentioned do not include delivery expenses. Final total cost (including delivery expenses) is shown after order completion. The prices refer to stock availability in the warehouse.

14. Payment Methods

The user/customer can choose different payment methods when purchasing from barelos.gr:

  • Credit or Debit card:

The credit or the debit card owned by the user/customer will be charged the day of his/her order dispatch.

  • Cash on delivery:

Receipt or an Invoice can be issued for each purchase. User/customers need to receive a Receipt or an Invoice from barelos.gr and are requested to acknowledge below mentioned information while proceeding with their order:

    • VAT number
    •  Tax office of business registration
    • Occupation for freelancers, or business activity for companies
  • Deposit in a bank account owned by barelos.gr:

The administrator of barelos.gr e-shop will come in contact with you in order to give details on our bank account.

  • Payment using PAYPAL:

If you choose to proceed with the payment of your order through PayPal you need to get connected to the existing account of barelos.gr user/customer. Payment is taking place by charging a credit or debit card owned by the user/customer with the deliberation of credit/debit card payment terms and conditions. Order is immediately dispatched right after the successful completion of payment procedure.

15. Delivery Methods and Expenses

Barelos.gr uses courier services for secure and fast delivery of goods. Delivery costs which are in expense of the user/customer have been included and acknowledged with order completion.

16. Delivery Dates and Times

Purchased products will be delivered to the user/customer to most of the areas in Greece within five (5) working days after payment and in accordance to the stock availability. Delivery to areas with difficulties in approach can take up more time. Barelos.gr has no responsibility for goods that have been delayed by courier services.

17. Delayed Delivery orders

Impossible communication (by phone or e-mail) with user/customer can cause delay in order delivery (especially in cases of wrong information given by the user/customer, payment incompletion, product purchased, etc.). Delays in delivery may be caused because of extreme weather conditions, strikes or other reasons affecting transportation of goods. In these cases barelos.gr will inform the user/customer and enquire for alternative solutions.

18. Inspecting delivered products

All user/customers are obliged upon delivery to unpack and inspect the products delivered (without destroying its packaging materials) and to immediately report to barelos.gr any defect or damage of delivered products within the period of two (2) days. After this time period products are considered to have been delivered in excellent status.

19. Return Policy in the expense of barelos.gr –Product Replacement

In case of failure in delivery, (i.e. delivery of other product than the once originally ordered, product delivery with damaged packaging, defective product), user/customer is obliged either not to accept product delivery or to demand its return, after communicating with barelos.gr. If products are not returned within two (2) days of receiving them barelos.gr has the right to deny the return and the replacement of the product. In all cases products have to return in their original condition and original full packaging, together with the documents issued (i.e. Receipt, Invoice, Delivery Note, etc.). Way of product return and replacement will be agreed between the user/customer and barelos.gr. In case products have been returned damaged or uncompleted, barelos.gr has the right to ask for compensation, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the product/s. In addition, barelos.gr is able to partially proceed with the entire or partial offsetting of its claim against the user/customer. In any case, refund accepted by barelos.gr will be accomplished by a bank account deposit or by an issuance of a debit note to be used in future purchase.

20. Complaints

In case the user/customer is not satisfied with the order accomplishment and wants to express its complaint or suggestion, or for any other reason in regards to the products and services of barelos.gr, has the right to present its complaint within two (2) days after delivery or appearance of an issue by using the communication form found in barelos.gr website. Barelos.gr will go through its complaint and will answer back to the e-mail address given by the user/customer within ten (10) days of complaint receipt, keeping the right to ask for clarifications in order to resolve the issue.

21. Social Networking Visits (facebook)

The user/customer of barelos.gr can express his opinion about posted items through “Like” application which is available to user/customers keeping an account/page in facebook social networking service.

The user/customer who keeps and account/page in facebook application can “Share” posted items. In addition, he/she can send mail messages (“messenger services”) through automated applications.

The function of this application, in which user/customer profile is presented, exclusively governed by terms and conditions of this social networking service are beyond of responsibility area of barelos.gr.

22. Social Media and Observance Responsibility

Barelos.gr is not responsible for the general and preventive observance, as:

  • it is not the starting point of transmission
  • it does not select the receiver
  • it does not select and/or modify the information provided, and
  • it is not obliged to generally control the services which are transmitted or stored, neither to generally inspect searching of events of illegal acts.

Barelos.gr has set specific procedures in accusation of illegal acts (intellectual property rights, personal data and abusive content) which could be operated through its website and is committed to strict observance, caring for the abidance by the body of laws.

23. Sending informative mails to the user/customer (newsletter)

Every user/customer has the ability to register to the electronic newsletter of barelos.gr by signing up, giving his name and his e-mail, through our email sign up form.

24. Communication with barelos.gr

The user/customer of this website has the ability to communicate with barelos.gr through e-mail, following the related application in the page “Communication” and by filling out the message form.

25. Cookies

Like the majority of websites, barelos.gr uses cookies in order to provide each user/customer information and better services (order status, personal settings, selected products saving, as well as better and more effective order dispatch.

Cookies are alphanumeric data sent and saved in the computer of the user, allowing to the websites of this kind to function several choices selected by the user, identify regular users, make access easier, collect useful data and improve the content of the website. Cookies do not create arms in the users’ computer or files saved on it and upon every exit of the website are automatically deleted.

Restrain of cookies is in the choice of each user through its browser settings where you can choose not to accept new cookies that will be installed in your hard drive.

26. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Contract governs by the law of Europe and Greece, particularly the enactment regulating subjects such as electronic commerce, remote sales, personal data protection and consumers’ protection.

As far as disputes will arise between user/customer and barelos.gr, the user/customer is obliged, before any legal act, to communicate with barelos.gr within ten (10) days count from the occurring of related events. Omission of the observance of this term consists in contravention of constitutional contractual term being agreed between user/customer and barelos.gr.

The Greek courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with these Terms & Conditions or use of the website of barelos.gr.

The Terms and Conditions translated in English text are also provided in the Greek language. In case of variation, the Greek language version is prevailed, as this is the Terms & Conditions original text of current terms of use and operation regulation.